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Storing Your Treasures In the Attic With Confidence


Are you starting to think about using your attic for storage space?

 Yet, feel unsure concerning what is safe to store in your attic and what is not?  There is good reason to wonder.  There are some things that you can’t store in the attic. These items will not stay in good condition, if you store them in the attic. Here are things that you can and can’t store in the attic when you are using the attic for storage space:

Things to Consider Before You start to Store Your Treasures

When considering what to store in your attic, it is important to consider a few things first. You will only want to store your items in durable and safe containers. Make sure all of your containers seal to prevent damage from unwanted critters. Some items such as cords, tools, sports equipment etcetera can be placed on hooks if they don't need to be in a container. No matter how you are storing your items  on hooks, shelves, or in durable containers, Don’t think that you can just throw it into the attic and it won’t get damaged.  You also want to consider The amount of space you have, and have it organized.  Organization not only helps you find your item(s) when you are ready to use them, but it also prevents damage to your treasures and injury to you or others.  Also take into account the integrity of your roof to prevent damage from water leaks.   

Things that you can store in the attic without any problems

It is safe to store most of the items that you can find in and around your home. One of the things that most people store in the attic is their holiday decorations. Those items you only uses once a year. These are safe to store in the attic without damage as long as they are properly packed to ensure they don't break. Wrapping breakable items before packing them and packing them snuggly in stackable containers with locking lid for most decorations works best. Hanging decorations may be hung in the attic or packed in a container.

All kitchen tools and equipment are also relatively safe to store in the attic without damage. It is important to make sure that all the breakable items are wrapped so that it will not break while in storage. Most travel items like your suitcases are also safe to store in the attic, if you don’t have a roof that’s leaking. 

Sports equipment and tools are safe to store in the attic. 

Things you should Never store in the attic

Even if there are many things that you can store in the attic safely, there are a couple of things that you should never store in the attic.

Most of these items are material things made from expensive and delicate materials. For example wedding dresses and delicate clothing. The humidity and heat of an attic can damage the clothes and the materials. These is should be stored inside your home in a closet.

You do not want to store any photos or important paperwork.  This is because water damage, and extreme heat can destroy paperwork and photos.

It is important to know which things you can store in the attic and what things you should not store there. There are some things that are just too delicate for being in the attic. The heat, humidity and even water damage can ruin some things that  you treasure.

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