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Start The Holiday Decluttering

How to Declutter for the Holidays

The holidays are a beautiful time for family to get together and celebrate the years they have had together. With that happiness is plenty of stress over what shape the house is in when you know that people are constantly going to be come over. No wants to think that their house is being scrutinized by their family and friends, but let’s face it, it happens. That makes this the perfect time to start the holiday decluttering. Keep yourself from feeling like there is just too much in your house and too much to do. It may be a true fact, but no one likes the feeling anymore than they like the feeling of judgement.

Holiday home and attic decluttering is rather easy, as long as you mentally make yourself do it. Mental preparation is the best first step to this process. All of your decorations may be important but not all of them need to stay with you for the next 20 years. This is the hardest part for those that don’t want to declutter. Two different themes of holiday decor is okay, but once you get to more than that, it may be time to start giving yourself a break.

How To Declutter Your Holiday Decorations

Once you open the boxes and bins with your holiday trinkets and lights, ask yourself “Which set do you really use?” This is key. We may have several different sets, but like our closets only one or two really get used throughout the years. Even those could use some overhaul as far as what you have included in them. What is the overhaul you need to do? Every year you buy a few more things and never through out or get rid of the old.

Holiday decluttering requires you to do that. You have to get rid of whatever you are replacing. Otherwise you are left with an overflowing amount of holiday decorations. This portion of the decluttering is also why you have to be mentally prepared. How many angels do you really need? Is 10 ft of garland really necessary when you only use it on the tree?

No excuses. A small amount of decluttering here can help you in the long run for decluttering your home. It’s always better to start small and grow than start big and get somewhere small.

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