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Q & A Garage Attic Lifts

What is An Attic Lift and What Does it Do? 

  1. What is a garage attic lift?
    A garage attic lift is an automated system that helps with lifting and moving items from the ground to an attic and vice versa. It reduces the amount of manual work involved and makes it easier for you to access your items in the attic without having to climb up ladders or use scaffolding structures.
  2. What are the benefits of using a garage attic lift?
    The main benefit of using a garage attic lift is that it enables you to easily access items stored in your attic without having to climb up ladders or use scaffolding structures. This makes it safer as well as much more convenient. Furthermore, it can help you save space in your garage by allowing you to store items in the attic rather than on the floor.
  3. Can I ride on an Attic Lift?
    Absolutely Not! If you were to fall off the lift while in motion, you could hit your head on the garage concrete floor below, be crushed going up in the attic, or even have fingers and hands crushed or cut off  in motion.  Attic lifts are to make transporting goods into the attic safer so you don’t fall off the attic ladder in the process of pushing them up the ladder. 
  4. Are there any safety precautions to consider when using an attic lift?
    Yes, there are several safety precautions you should take when using a garage attic lift. First and foremost, always read through the instruction manual before attempting to use any type of machinery, including an attic lift. Additionally, make sure that all cords and cables are properly secured before operating the machine and check all components for damage or wear before each use. Lastly, never attempt to operate an unattended machine unless instructed otherwise by the manufacturer's directions.
  5. How do I install a garage attic lift?
    Check out our installation guides or videos for detailed with attic lift
  6. How much weight can a typical garage attic lift hold?
    The maximum weight capacity for the Model 24 Versalift is 200 lbs. and the Model 32 is 250 lbs. The Model 24 Versalift weighs 169 lbs. and the Model 32 189 lbs.
  7. Are there any special requirements for installing an electric powered unit?Yes, electric powered units will require additional electrical wiring work since they need power from outlets for them to operate properly. The Versalift motor only pulls 5 amps. thus a dedicated circuit is not required. Often times we recommend putting the attic lift on the same circuit as the attic lights, since when you exit the attic you usually turn off the lights and thus killed the power to the attic lift as well in case of electrical surge or lightning. However, if your attic light switch is in the ceiling or attic, this may be inconvenient since you might have to climb the ladder to power up the lift.  The Versalift comes with a 6 ft. power cord for plugging into a standard socket.
  8. What materials are typically used when constructing various parts of an attic Lift System?                                                                                    Most commonly found components are made out heavy duty steel frames which provide structural integrity needed by larger loads being moved around; cables used together with motors will also be made out quality grade steel and the platform is made of plywood covered in durable Melamine. The Versalift has a 3 year warranty.  attic lift in garage
  9. Is there anything special I need to know about maintaining my overhead Lift System?
    Generally speaking yes: making occasional inspection checks is recommended so that any loose parts or items left on the lift can be removed. The lift can be pushed over the opening slightly which throws off the travel of the lift slightly, but that’s pretty rare.  If this happens, just push the lift over to readjust.  The only time there is usually an issue is when someone lowers a lift down on top of a box or into a pickup truck bed for example.  The lift has been set to the garage floor upon installation and if lowered down on top of an object, the cable starts to roll up backwards and Versalift has installed a “reset” switch that will stop the lift and trip the reset instead of winding up backwards on the cable drum.  Lifts manufactured after 2018 will have this Red reset under the bottom of the cable drum housing.  Simply press in the switch to reset.  Versalift also installed a “Light Bar” for trouble shooting in 2020 that has a series of lights that tell us what the issue is.  The motor is a closed motor, thus no oiling or greasing is required. 
  10. Can the Versalift be made to a custom size?                                            The Versalift comes in 2 sizes, the Model 24 and the Model 32. The Model 24 is available in a standard 4 ft. height or 3 ft. height for lower attics and 15.5 Cubic Ft.  The Model 32 is 5’ height and 35 Cubic Ft.  The Model 24 4’ unit or Model 32 5’ unit can be “cut down” for shorter units, (additional fee) but larger units are not available.


Steve Davidson

The controllers are either/or and not designed to work in tandem.

Steve Davidson

You can insulate the ceiling cover to protect the air conditioned room.

Carol Nash

How is the 24 Insulated? We have a client interested in one but we would put it in an attic above conditioned living space

Steve Sparling

Can a splitter be utilized to connect two (2) corded controllers into Port 1, and thus have two functioning corded controllers?

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