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Picking The Garage Flooring For You

November 25, 2015

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Garages have to come to be used in every which way, besides a garage.

Of course, it still does house cars but it also doubles as a workshop, hobby room or is changed completely. In those cases, you can be looking at a bedroom, man cave, living area and more. As the changes occur, flooring is not that big of an issue. You don’t want cold, hard cement in a living area. You want to be comfortable.

Finding the right garage flooring for a workshop or normal everyday garage, that can cause some uproar. Like any other floor, you have to make some big decisions. How much do you want covered, what type of coverage you want and how much you want to spend. You may remember that we discussed the portable options of winterizing your garage floor earlier. This is more. This is not just to winterize it, but to make it better during all seasons.

The most expensive and time consuming route, would be to invest in epoxy. Best to find a professional to help out as this stuff is very delicate and difficult at the same time. If you feel like you can do it and work through the issues, then you might be able to do what is needed on your own.

Those that want a cheaper and more versatile option, should look into garage tiles. Just like their brethren house tiles, there are a variety of brands and colors. Designs can be made from them if you wish. Just don’t purchase kitchen or bathroom tiles, as they will not withstand everything that goes on in the garage space. You need to be purchasing garage tiles. Styles can snap together, glued to the cement, or just laid down. The snapping variety would definitely be the most versatile as you can take it apart as easily as you can put it together.

There are other options for garage flooring, but tiles or epoxy are the most popular options and tend to protect the floor better than others.

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