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Three Steps to Organizing Your Attic

Get started organizing your attic

Your attic needs to be organized. But, because you don’t know where to start in clearing up the mess of the attic, you keep postponing the task. It is normally starting the cleanup and the organization that are the hardest part. But, the moment that you start with the cleanup, you will realize that organizing and cleaning your attic isn’t as hard as you thought. Here are a few of steps on how to start.

1. Getting someone to assist you in the cleanup

The first step to get an organized attic, is that you should get some help. This isn’t a task that you can really do on your own. And, if you have older children that are also using the attic for storage, then it might be a great idea to get them to help you.

 The best way to do this, is by making it a family project. Everyone in the home gets a job according to their age. This way, everyone helps and the task gets done sooner.

2. Declutter the attic

The next step is to declutter the attic. The way that you are doing this, is by making three different piles. The first one is for keeping, the second one is for donating and the third one is throwing away.

messy disorganized attic

Now, it is important that you don’t just keep everything. You should make sure that the stuff that you are going to keep, are really things you are still going to need. For example, there were some shirts of the oldest boy when he was a baby. This is something that you can donate to charity rather than keep. Unless, you have a younger boy that can still use the clothing a year or two later. Make sure that everyone knows that the keep pile needs to be as small as possible.

3. Organize and categorize the keep items

Now, that you have decluttered the attic and you have the items that you want to keep, then you can start organizing and categorizing your items.  This is where some strategies will come in handy. You need to store the items in such a way, that you can find it later, without making a mess of the attic again. You need to know exactly where to find it again. There are some different ways that you can do this:

  • Creating a list on your computer with the container number next to it;
  • Organizing the items alphabetically and number the containers clearly;
  • Or write a list of the things in each box and store the information on your PC.

Starting to clean up and organize an attic is a huge and daunting task. But, if you know where to start and you know what to do, then the whole process will be over in no time. The secret is to make sure that you are getting some assistance, and you need to make sure that the attic stays organized by maintaining the attic storage space.

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