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Labor Saving Lift for Split-Levels and Elevated Homes

Labor Saving Lift for Split-Levels

 and Elevated Homes


In addition to attic installations, the VersaLift is an ideal solution for split-levels, elevated coastal homes, and basements. Whenever the living level of the home is above or below the entry level, homeowners are faced with the never-ending task of carrying everything up or down stairs. Items such as groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, and other household supplies all have to be toted to or from the garage/entry level of the home to the living quarters that is, unless a utility lift is installed in the home.

While dumbwaiters are useful in multi-story dwellings, the VersaLift system can be used to advantage when service is required between only two levels and it provides a larger payload capacity at a lower cost.

 A VersaLift can be a total game changer for these kind of homes!! Just imagine the possibilities, laundry, groceries, any item that you would have to carry up and down the stairs.  Since the lift can hold 200-250 pounds eliminates multiple trips.  Trips up and down the stairs is also safer because you are not having to carry things while making the trip.

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