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It Is Time to Change up My Garage!

Downsize Your Home While Maximizing Space

I got this house because of the space it had. The living area was huge, it had a finished basement and a decent sized attic. A double car garage that I knew would be put to full use. Especially, once I installed the wood cabinets to help hold some of the chemical items. I didn’t like them being in the house.

It worked for a while. Then, I started getting smothered by all my family’s belongings. Not literally, but I was tired of sorting through closet after closet to find the smallest items! I have heard a lot about storing items in the garage and have decided to give that a try. Normally all of our big stuff is stored in the basement and that works. I just want to give the basement a makeover as well. So everything has to be moved around a little. Looking at the garage, there is not a whole lot of playroom since both cars are stored in it. I do see some potential on the walls, around the cabinets. With this information, I decided to check out the items online under garage storage. A lot of sites popped up with promising options. Although, I did find one that seemed to have a greater variety. This would make it easier to order everything from the same site.

First thing that caught my eye, an attic lift. I hadn’t really thought about using our attic, just our garage. But, it makes sense because we have so much. The attic  

two attic lift sizes side by side

lift would originate in the garage and take some of the bigger seasonal items to the attic. Okay, so that is one piece, now to finish this puzzle. I already have cabinets and they are still working, so no need to replace those. I did see some shelves that looked like they would work. These shelves would be put around the walls of the garage and could hold over 100 pounds! Definitely another addition to our garage.

The last part was putting it all together. It was exciting to get it all in the mail! Contractors could have been hired but since there was some handyman knowledge already, we decided to do it all on our own. It worked out perfectly and soon our closets and basement were empty! Who would have guessed that! Before there was never a thought about using the garage for anything other than keeping cars safe. Now that image has certainly changed because it is now a functional storage unit! To think, I was actually considering paying for a storage unit! Good thing that never happened. This is definitely more beneficial to my family and will last longer. With so many garage specific tools out there now, who knows what will be there in a year or two. May just have to change things up again to make it even more proficient and functional!

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