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Importance of Handrails and Stair Rails for Aging Homeowners

How To Improve The Safety in Your Home

When it comes to home safety, handrails and stair rails are key components for any age. These rails provide stability, support, and peace of mind. But what's the difference between a handrail and a stair rail? Do seniors need them in their homes? These are excellent questions many homeowners face with the aesthetics of their homes versus the safety of themselves and their guests.

What is the Difference Between a Handrail and a Stair Rail? 

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The primary difference between a handrail and a stair rail is their location. A handrail is typically installed along the length of walls, usually at waist height or higher. This provides stability when walking along walls with multiple turns or uneven surfaces. On the other hand, stair rails are typically located on either side of stairs as they ascend or descend. These provide stability while ascending or descending stairs as well as providing something to grab onto if someone falls down the stairs. Both types of rails should be firmly attached to their surfaces as they can sometimes save a serious trip or stumble. 

Do We Need Them Around The House If We Are Seniors? 

The short answer is yes! For seniors, having both types of rails installed in their homes is especially important because they can help prevent falls, which can lead to serious injury. Many seniors aging in place are very independent and want the ability to do things on their own if they can. This is why versa lift has our supporting accessory the Attic Safety Rails. Having both types of rails installed also helps with mobility issues that may arise due to age-related physical conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis that make it difficult for seniors to move around without assistance from others. Additionally, having both types of rails installed makes it easier for family members, friends, and caregivers who visit seniors in their homes by providing them with additional support when necessary. 

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Handrails and stair rails provide valuable support for homeowners who are seniors or those who experience physical impairments due to age-related conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Installing both types of railings can help reduce risk of falls while also providing additional support when needed during mobility activities throughout the house. If you're considering installing either type of railing in your home but aren't sure where to start or what kind would be best suited for your needs, contact your local professional contractor today! They can provide expert advice on what type of railing would work best in your home so you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your space is safe and secure for everyone who visits it.

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