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How To Turn Your Unfinished Attic Into a Storage Space

How To Turn Your Unfinished Attic Into a Storage Space

Utilize Your Attic to It's Fullest 

Using your attic for storage is one of the best ways to keep the rest of your home organized and clean. However, if your attic is currently unfinished, it simply won’t be able to do the job. As such, it’s important that you take the time to get this space up to par. This way, it’ll have the ability to hold all the items you need it to and keep them protected from the elements. Read on to learn how to turn your unfinished attic into a storage space and what all goes into the process.

Consider Local Building Codes

Before you even start this project, the first thing you should do is take a minute to consider the building codes in your local area. These guidelines are in place to ensure homes are structurally safe at all times. So, it’s common to see requirements for the vertical clearance of the space as well as the presence of a safe entrance or emergency exit.

Hook Up Electricity

The next step to turning your unfinished attic into a storage space is to set up the proper electrical wiring. While you might think that a flashlight will be enough to maneuver through your attic, it’s not exactly a safe option. This is why it’s highly recommended that you install electricity and some basic lighting in your attic. Doing this now will also increase your attic’s potential usability down the line.

Install a Solid Main Floor

After it’s properly lit, focus on your attic’s flooring. Attics that accommodate storage need a strong floor in order to properly support heavy items. Otherwise, you risk structural damage and put yourself in danger when walking directly on the floor. Because of this, the bulk of your renovation project should be spent on making the floor safe to walk on and filling in any divots that could cause you to trip. You may need to install a subfloor to cover up the foundational joists.

Make Space for a Storage Lift

In the end, make sure you’re leaving enough room to build in a storage lifting system. These devices can move your belongings between floors; you don’t have to overexert yourself at all. As such, they’re the perfect way to maximize your attic’s usability while saving you time and effort. Purchasing this product from a quality business will better ensure your success.

If you’re looking to install a storage lifting system in your attic, ensure you’re getting the best product possible. At VersaLift, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best projects in the home organization industry. Not only do our electric attic lifts lift up to 200-250 pounds in items per load, but they also allow you to do so with a mere press of a button. Our lifts are also sized to fit most attics.

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