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Gaining Garage Storage

February 1, 2018

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How to go from a complete mess to something clean and shiny

How much do those apply when you already have a storage system in place and it somehow got overrun? Well, if you’re very creative then you can apply the same logistics. If you’re not, then you are forced to find something completely separate. This may be basic, but maybe this article can help you.

1. Always start with re-evaluating your garage and the storage system in place. How helpful is it truly? It began as a very good idea, until life happened. This happens more often than not. People begin with the knowledge that they don’t need much specific storage, and opt for just a few cabinets. Then, as life continues and the family grows, slowly they realize they have undervalued the use of their garage. The cabinets (or current storage system) can still be useful to you.

2. Like the beginning, see if there are things you can throw away. Depending on your past, it can be hard to actually get rid of things. A good practice is to give yourself an hour to go through a portion of the stuff. As you are deliberating, only ask one question: Is this still of use? Photos and memorabilia will fit into this category because they bring back memories. But, that bedside stand that has been in there for years, could find a new home. Giving yourself an unlimited amount of time, will allow excuses to surface about unusable items.

3. Invest in some new toys. Okay, toys might not be the best word to use, but it is adequate for those that truly enjoy this. Treat the experience like you are redecorating and rejuvenating the garage. It has to have some life for you to really enjoy the space. The current system may be about 10 years old, but there will still be partners available. Newer garage storage systems are made of several different materials, so they can fit in anywhere.

Many have a problem admitting that once again their garage is out of hand. They already went through the process and don’t want to do it again. Well folks, that is dandy but something will have to be done. When the family extends its going to increase the amount you have in storage. If you didn’t prepare for this in the beginning then it has to be taken care of when it starts getting out of hand.

One great thing, is if the family extended it means you have more hands helping out! Sorting through anything can be a treacherous task. Facing the facts that you let it get that way, even worse. A few hours a week and everything can be taken care of.

When your garage storage isn’t working anymore, skip the dramatics and just update it to new and improved systems!

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