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Easy Storage

November 24, 2014

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Easy Storage Makes Your Life Better

Totes are Great for Organization

When the only storage you need is for totes, we don’t often look for anything else. Totes are the main storage tool anyways, right. They easily stack up on top of each other and you can have rows without a problem. Until you need to use that space for something else. Then those totes just seem to get in the way. Solving this problem is actually easier than one might think. You don’t have to have the other overhead shelving units we were talking about earlier. You can organize them off the floor with another easy to purchase tool.

They are called BinTracks. BinTracks are sold in a variety of stores and come with different prices depending on what material you want and how many. You will at least need two, otherwise you won’t be able to put the totes up. Measure the totes width and length to decide how you want to hang them. In relation to the weight they will be holding up, it is better to measure the width so that the tracks are lengthwise on the totes. It will help the weight distribution. Although, this will limit the amount of totes per row to two or three depending on overall length.

With a double garage you could potentially have 6 or more rows of these totes hanging from the ceiling. That would equal a total of 12 totes in the overhead garage storage. This is easier than other methods because you just need to measure and screw the BinTracks into the ceiling. Simple and easy for any mediocre handyman.

More totes can still be stored against the wall without taking up much space because there is only one row instead of multiple.

man putting up totes 

BinTracks put to use to create more room in the garage.

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