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Considerations When Choosing a Small vs. Large Attic Lift

Home Technology for Your Attic

Attic lifting systems are some of the best advancements in home organization technology. Not only do these devices allow you to transport items into your attic with ease, but they also help make your attic space more accessible to you. Because of this, many homeowners across the country want to install these pieces of equipment in their properties. However, you must know which size you need before you commit to the purchase. Use these considerations when choosing a small vs. large attic lift to make the right decision.

Weight Capacity

First, you want to take some time to think about the weight capacity you’re going to need but more importantly, the cubic footage of the things you are storing upstairs. Patio furniture is not heavy, but takes up a lot of space in the garage. Most keepsakes don’t weigh a lot, but shoving them up an attic ladder can be dangerous. Different lift models have various maximum weights they can carry at a given time. The size of your device will determine whether it has a lower or greater limit. For instance, Versa Lift Model 24 systems can carry up to 200 pounds of belongings into your attic at once. Meanwhile, the larger 32 models can withstand up to 250 pounds. Take some time to consider how many things you want to store and choose the one that best accommodates that need.

Attic Space

Another crucial consideration for choosing a small or large attic lift is the amount of space available in your attic. After all, these areas vary greatly in square footage depending on a home’s size and layout. As such, it isn’t a guarantee that you’ll have the necessary room for a full-sized attic lifting system. Fortunately, these devices are incredibly compact. In fact, VersaLift’s 24 model only requires a frame size of 22.5 inches by 46.5 inches. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about taking up too much of your attic’s precious floor space.


Make sure to consider the amount of headroom your attic has as well. Attic lifts need a certain amount of clearance from the ceiling when fully lifted into the attic. This extra room ensures that the space won’t sustain damage during operation and that your lift can function unobstructed. Therefore, we recommend you measure the distance from the floor to the rafters before you place your order.

For the best motorized attic lifts on the market, reach out to VersaLift. Our specialized lifting devices come in two different models with varying dimensions. As a result, you can find one that accommodates the size or shape of the space in your home. Our detailed instruction manuals also cover all you need to know about installing these pieces of equipment. So, organizing your home and keeping it that way can become a lot easier.

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