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Common Garage Organization Mistakes To Avoid

Why is my Garage so Packed?

Garage Storage Areas are typically some of the least orderly places in the average home. They’re designed to house things like tools, cars, and other equipment, but it’s easy for you to lose track of things in the ever-growing piles of clutter. Fortunately, getting this space organized is possible, and the most effective way to do it is to minimize potential errors along the way. These are some of the most common garage organization mistakes to avoid and how to do just that.

Holding Onto Clutter

Part of the reason why garages end up so packed with items is that it’s difficult to get rid of things. From extra cookware to old clothing, belongings that don’t have a place in other areas of the home tend to find their way here. As such, holding onto clutter is the first habit you should break if you want to organize your garage and keep it that way.

Failing To Use Wall Space

Opting to take up floor space over storing items along your walls is also a common garage organization mistake you should avoid. While your available square footage might be limited, you have ample room on the walls to hang important tools and cables. Doing it this way allows you to conserve some of that much-needed walking room and while keeping everything you need within reach.

Arranging Things in One Place

Another thing you should try to prevent is placing all of your equipment in the same part of your garage. The purpose of organization is to give everything a proper place of its own. So, by arranging them all in the same vicinity, you’re setting yourself up for future clutter and messiness. Having a plan for where you want to place things going into the garage organization process can significantly help you space tools and equipment out more evenly.

Not Installing a Storage Lift

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is failing to install a storage lifting system. These devices help move your possessions from one floor to another without your needing to carry them yourself. They save time, cut back on labor, and prevent potential breakage during transport. By installing one in your garage, you can also better store items in your attic.

At VersaLift, we specialize in the creation of quality garage storage elevator systems that allow you to transport heavy items from your garage up into your attic space with ease. Our products can hold up to 250 pounds of belongs and work with the push of a button. So, you’ll be able to keep your garage organized and your essential tools accessible at all times.

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