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Common Electric Attic Lift Mistakes To Avoid

Common Electric Attic Lift Mistakes To Avoid

Attic lifts are beneficial machines to help keep you safe while you organize your house. They are simple to install and provide years of quick and easy access to the attic. Although they reduce the risk of damage to your items and limit the chance of personal injury, there are still some common electric attic lift mistakes to avoid.

Uncentered Weight

Even if the lift looks symmetrical, it doesn’t mean that the weight is. An uneven distribution could create unneeded strain on the cables or lift. In addition, an attic lift with a lopsided load may start to sway back and forth when initially lifted off the ground, creating a higher force than the initial static weight. Not only does this push the limits of a safe lifting capacity, but it can also lead to unnecessary wear and tear from the cable components rubbing against the inside of the ceiling mount.


Luckily, this is visually easy to pinpoint. The phrase, “Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times,” applies here for the boxes or keepsakes you are raising into the attic. The opening in the attic is framed out according to specific instructions that will accommodate most of those Rubbermaid type tubs everyone uses for storage. Make sure the boxes or stuff on the lift are inside the perimeter safety chains mounted on the lift. There is only about ¾ of an inch between the lift and the ceiling opening. If anything catches on the edge going up, your lift could kick sideways creating damage to the lift or opening causing issues or knocking your valuables off the lift.

Too Heavy

Each model size relates to its lifting capacity. For example, our large attic lift can safely lift up to 250lbs, and the smaller model has a 200lb maximum weight capacity. Both of these limits should be plenty for a single load of boxes or items to hoist into your attic.

There may be times that you want to add additional weight to a load instead of breaking it up into two different loads. As tempting as this is, it’s another one of the common electric attic lift mistakes to avoid. Attic lifts are an investment that should last you for years to come when used correctly.

When appropriately used, attic lifts are secure and reliable ways to protect yourself, your house, and your things.

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Dianne blythe

Can you ride up on the lift. I only have one opening

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