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Benefits for Homeowners in Flood Zones

Benefits for Homeowners

in Flood Zones

If you are one of millions of Americans that live in flood prone areas, you probably know that when the flood waters rise, the first thing you want to do is move your valuable possessions, especially the irreplaceable ones like family photo albums, titles, certificates, policies and tax records as high as possible. This is because the first place to get wet is the ground floor. It follows that the last place to get inundated by a flood will be the attic, the highest room in your home!  Having a VersaLift makes this task both quicker and easier to do in an emergency.  Even if you don't live in a flood prone area this could be helpful, as mother nature is not always predictable.

Here is a good flood plan to follow: First, set aside one or two empty plastic storage containers and designate them for the emergency storage of irreplaceable family possessions and documents. Then compile an inventory list of everything you will want to put in the containers in an emergency, including each item’s description and location (so you can find it all in a hurry). Tape copies of the inventory list onto the lids of the containers so you won’t have to look for the list in a panic. Inform all family members of the plan and where the containers will be kept (such as in the attic). The best time to implement your plan is at the first threat of a flood. Don’t wait till the last minute or you may lack the time and/or electricity to carry out your plan. Fill your emergency storage containers and move them to the highest place in your attic. Later, if you have to evacuate, you will already have these important items gathered and ready to take with you, if there is time to do so. If circumstances do not allow you to take these things with you, they are already in the safest location in your home high up in the attic space!

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