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Attic Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Tips for Safe Attic Storage

Attics are incredibly versatile spaces—you can use them in all sorts of ways, depending on your needs. However, while these areas are often perfect for storing some of your older possessions or seasonal decorations, there are some things you should just never do. These are a few attic storage mistakes to avoid so that you can limit potential damage and utilize this space to the fullest.

Storing Flammable Liquids

Not all items are safe to store in attic spaces. In fact, it’s best to keep most of your stored belongings in plastic containers to help prevent damage. However, flammable liquid materials are something you should never store here under any circumstances. Not only do these substances present a fire risk, but their fumes are also hazardous. Should they happen to spill, you’d have a large, dangerous mess on your hands. Instead, keep these items and any corresponding mechanical equipment in your garage or an outdoor storage area.

Overcrowding the Space

You also shouldn’t overfill or overcrowd your attic. Though these areas are often spacious, they tend to fill up quickly. Be mindful of how much you’re planning to store in them. Putting too much in your attic can make it very difficult to find things, and the weight of it may even cause damage to your ceiling in severe cases.

Blocking Ventilation Areas

Make sure that you aren’t unintentionally blocking off any ventilation components. Airflow is essential in attics because it allows them to stay at a reasonable temperature and humidity level. Without these vents, sensitive items are more likely to sustain damage, and the chances are greater that you’ll develop mold. Locating your attic vents before you move things is a great way to avoid placing objects too close.

Failing To Install Safety Railings

Another attic storage mistake to avoid is forgetting to install safety devices near and around your attic entrance. Most people don’t access their attics regularly. As such, their entrances are not designed or suited for easy access, especially that last step can often be over 15”. Most attic accidents are a result of pushing or carrying boxes up the ladder and losing your balance. An attic ladder safety rail gives you something to hold onto as you enter and more importantly exit the attic. If you do not have an attic lift, use a rope and an assistant to pull things into the attic, but you should never try scaling the attic ladder with a box or container.

At VersaLift, we believe that the process of moving your belongings into your attic should be safe and painless. As such, we’ve put our all into developing products that do just that. Our motorized lifting mechanisms can support up to 250 pounds and will move everything from one level to another with the push of a button. We also sell attic stair opening railings to keep you safe as you navigate this narrow and often hazardous entryway. For more information about our offerings, give us a call at (405) 516 2412.

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