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Attic organization ideas

April 7, 2017

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The big clean out

The one problem that many people have, is to start with the clean out of the attic before they can actually start with the attic organization. So many people are getting thrown back by the mess in the attic.

The one thing that you can do, is to start with making three piles. You need to have a pile for stuff that you are going to throw away, a pile for donations and the pile that you want to keep. But, remember that you should make sure that the pile of stuff that you are going to keep is a lot less than the donations pile.

Don’t keep things that you are not going to use

You might have all the clothes of your baby in the attic. But, all your children are grown up and you are not planning to have more children. Don’t store all their baby clothes. Keep one or two items per child and donate the rest of the clothes. We tend to store things that are reminding us of the past, but we don’t actually go to use it again. And, this is there stuff that you need to donate to people that really might need it.

Ask yourself if you are going to use the item again in the next six months or a year. If the answer is no, then you know that this should go to “the donation or throwing away pile”. This is the only way that you can clean your attic without having too much stuff.

Know what not to store in the attic

There are many things that you can store in the attic, but the facts are that there are some things that you should rather not store in the attic. The heat and humidity of the attic can cause some damage on items. Then, you should also be aware that the attic has a change of water damage if your roof is leaking.

The things that you should rather not store in the attic are delicate clothing, photos or anything that can get damage with heat and humidity.

It is really hard to start cleaning up your attic. This is why it is a really great idea to make sure that you know all the different ideas and guidelines to ensure that you are successful in organizing your attic. The whole process starts with the cleanup, and this is the one thing that most people are struggling with. It can be really hard to step into a mess and to start sorting to make the mess organized. But, it is really possible.


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