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Attic closet space tips

June 15, 2016

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We all have that attic that most of us don’t use. And, then we all are complaining about too little storage space. Did you ever consider changing your attic to closet space that you can use for extra storage? There’s so many ways that you can use your attic for, and changing it into a walk-in closet is just to mention one. If you’re thinking about upgrading your attic to closet space, you might want to know about these important tips.

Plan ahead before renovating

Some of us, don’t plan ahead before we start renovating our attics. This can result in disaster. It’s important to get your plan on paper, so that you can see if what you’re planning is actually going to work. Or, if you’re maybe miscalculating and making mistakes.

It will be a disaster, when you’re half-way through changing the attic into closet space, when you realize that you didn’t plan thoroughly. Then, you need to start all over again. And, think about the money that you’re going to be wasted.

If you’re not great at drawing plans, ask someone that will do it for you. Then, you will know that your idea will actually work.

Know what you’re going to store in the closet beforehand

You can’t make the mistake by changing your attic into a closet, if you don’t know what you’re going to store in the new space. The reason for this, is because you need to know how big or small the shelves should be.

There might be some big things that you need to store in the attic, or everything that you actually want to store is small stuff that doesn’t need big shelves. And, the bigger your shelves going to be, the less space you’re going to be able to create.

Make a list of the things that you’re thinking about storing in the new attic closet, and include this in your planning. Then, you will be able to create the best possible attic storage space that you’re actually going to use.

Storage bins

You can buy different kinds of storage bins what you can use to create your attic closet. This will be able to make sure that you really organize your stuff in a better way, and keep everything neat and tidy.

Yes, you can use ordinary boxes, but this is sometimes not a great idea. The reason is that you can’t see what’s in the boxes, and storing boxes don’t look as nice as the storage bins. And, using the normal boxes, you should make sure that you label them, in such a way that you can see what’s in the box, without moving the boxes around. The boxes should also be strong and durable. That’s something that isn’t always possible.

When it comes to creating closet space in your attic, you need to know what you want to store, and how you want to create the closet. And, the best way to do this, is to follow and remember these important tips about attic storage closets, before you start renovating.

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