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An Easy Kitchen Cleaner

December 1, 2014

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The Perfect Cleaner

Are you tired of searching the aisles for that perfect kitchen cleaner? Something that will actually work to beat the grease and possibly have multiple purposes? If you are like us, then you have been through this a lot. Finally having to settle with something that is less than optimal. It is a process that happens every time you run across something that won’t be cleaned by the cleaner you already have.

Have you tried to make your own yet? I have tried several in the past and even wrote about them. Sometimes they work and sometimes not so much. But, I do find from other people that each mess is different and what works for me may not work for them. Fair enough. Even as I have found plenty that work for me, I figure it never hurts to find something new and give it a try.

This new cleaner is one that I happen to like and has worked very well so far. The bottle I like to use to mix this in, are the same ones I bought a previous product in. My favorites are the bottles that allow you to use every last drop. You are going to mix 12 oz white vinegar, 12 oz dish soap and tsp of laundry detergent or other essential oil for smell. Mix ingredients in bottle and then you are ready to use. This can even help you clean your shower doors and bathroom counters.

A kitchen cleaner that works for multiple rooms, that is always a win for me!

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