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A Solution to Storage Totes

April 11, 2017

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This is why, when using the attic for the storage of the totes, you always have to have help.

Every year, every holiday. It always takes at least two people to get the totes out of the attic and to their destination. If lucky, you can do it when there are lots of people in the house and then con them into helping you gather the totes as necessary. You could make it an un-decorating and redecorating party!

That seems like a lot of work, just for some totes. Sure they are nice when they are put up, but then you have to take the totes back up or leave them stranded in the house. You will still need at least two people. It’s about that time to move your storage. There would be the same amount of problems if you had everything in a storage unit. It would be exchanging the vertical climb for the drive.

Being serious about a change, you could just find a way to circumvent the ladder. The easiest method, an attic ladder. The basic elevator, only residential and open on all sides. Its construction is easy enough you could do it without any help. Some knowledge of framing would help during the installation process.

Some lifting and maneuvering of the totes would still have to happen. If all else, you could scoot them across the floor until they were on the lift. Pushing a small button will take the lift from the garage floor up to the attic. Unless you knew it were there, the lift sits flush with the ceiling so it wouldn’t be noticeable. One of the greatest aspects of this, you don’t have to remove the totes. If they are empty or partially empty, and you know you are going to get them down again soon, just leave them. Don’t even climb the ladder to scoot them off.

That takes about half the work off your shoulders! It also allows you to make the job of decorating that much easier. It also makes any other storage possible too. Things that you couldn’t store in the attic prior to the lift, because you couldn’t carry it up the ladder.

Storage totes, tents, odd camping gear, golf supplies, excess school supplies, work gear and anything else you could dream up! It’s the solution to totes and all other storage items.


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