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The Perfect Over-The-Hill Gift!!

February 27, 2018

Attic Lifts for Seniors

It is hard for many people to accept the aging process. The older people get, the younger they want to feel. As the years go by and the responsibilities increase, that youthful feeling dwindles away. When a person finally hits that infamous “older” birthday…it seems like they want to find that youngster in them again.

As a child of an aging parent, that is exciting but also worrisome at the same time. Those hip and shoulder joints just aren’t the same anymore. They cannot do the same things they could before. If you want to help your parents stay healthy and injury free, you have to start making things easier for them.

Some children hire maids to help their parents with the housework. Some hire a meal planner or grocery shopper. As nice and considerate as that seems, your older parents still want to have some of their independence. You will have to tread lightly and be respectful in helping them with things they may not be able to do as well anymore.

In the fall, you could help your parents with outside chores such as cleaning the gutters, raking leaves and trimming the bushes and trees. Your dad might have an issue with this because he has done it for years, but just tell him it is an early Christmas present. Hopefully, they will come to accept the fact that they need a little help now and then and realize that you are trying to make their life a little easier.

One of the best ways to help your aging parents is to get them something they will not recognize as actual “help”. Something that says “you are trending” not “you are old.” Accomplishing this is fairly simple. Get them an attic lift! They already use the attic and have for years. How many times as a kid did you hear your dad complain about the attic and the chore of having to climb up and down the ladder. The attic lift is a new “toy” that both your mom and dad can enjoy together!

Attic lifts come in different sizes and weight capacities. You can put as much as 250 lbs. onto the bigger lift. With the push of a button, you can load your bins and storage items with ease up into the attic. No more worry with climbing the ladder and risking a knee/back injury, or a fall.

If you are a handyman and know how to frame out the opening for the lift, you can easily install the attic lift yourself. It only takes a few hours. If not, then use a contractor. Just send your parents on some errands one afternoon, and get to it. They will be pleasantly surprised when you show them how the attic lift works and what you can do with it.

Your mom’s decorating supplies and storage items that were lying around can now be lifted into the attic with ease. Your dad will love the fact he doesn’t have to make multiple trips carrying bins and boxes up those attic stairs anymore. He will probably have some items himself that he would like to place in the attic now that the lift can do the job for him.

After you have installed the garage storage lift, both your parents will not be worrying so much about the implications of being “old” or “aging”. They will just be happy they do not have to carry anything to the attic anymore!

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