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15' Corded Remote

This model has a 15’ cord with a control handle on the bottom of the cord that has a locking key mechanism that you turn before depressing the operational button of the attic lift. It is important to point out that this cord and handle must come down the attic ladder hole or a chase (hole) in the ceiling in order to be able to operate the lift from downstairs. When finished, roll up the 15’ cord and store it in the attic beside the lift. 

versalift remote switch

Wireless Remote

The wireless model uses a wireless remote control much the same as the one that you have for your garage door remote. The range on the remote is generally at least 50’ and comes with an extended antennae that has a hole in the end for hanging on a hook or nail when not in use. Or you can put a piece of Velcro on the back of the remote to attach to a wall out of the reach of children. You can also obtain additional remotes for both upstairs and downstairs uses. The wireless unit is by far our most popular unit due to the ease and convenience of use

Wall-Mounted Switches

This is a great unit for new construction because it comes with two in wall switches, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. These can install in a mounted box and also come with 50’ of low voltage wire for convenient installation. This switch works like your garage door opener button that is often mounted outside your garage door to the home and eliminates lost wireless remotes or tethered cords. In wall switched models can also be easily installed in finished homes simply by feeding the wires down the wall for the downstairs switch, and mounting the upstairs switch provided to a ceiling rafter or support. Both switches operate like all units, you simply depress the switch until the Versalift comes to a complete stop.

in wall swtich units for versa lift


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