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Here is a great picture of what the lift looks like when up against the ceiling. There are four springs in each of the legs that stretch when the Ceiling Cover closes, the lift continues to travel through the attic hole floor joists and stops automatically when it comes even with the attic floor. (The installer put some trim around the opening)  

This installation was in THE VILLAGES, FL. Owner was thrilled about lift and install. (we have withheld her name for Privacy purposes)

Shows Ceiling Cover Showing Lift going up into Attic 



Over the years I have almost filled the attic of my bank barn with “stuff” that is too good to throw away. All of it was carried up the stairs. A lot of the items were antique car parts. I had decided that it was time to clean up. I soon discovered that items I carried up the stairs over the past 30 years have become too heavy for me to carry down. On the net I saw a video of the Versa Lift. It looked like just what I needed to empty and organize the barn attic. I decided on the Model 32 but needed additional lift cable for my 12 foot ceilings. I ordered the Model 32 Lift, additional cable length, wireless remote and the polished aluminum deck cover.
I decided to hire a local contractor to frame the opening for the lift and reinforce the cut beams. This cost about $600 but was money well spent. I wanted to assemble and install the lift myself. I followed the directions except for two items. They called for two able bodied men to carry the lifting mechanism up the stairs. I did it with help from my wife. The other was I made an accurate cardboard template of the legs to mark the position for the floor mounting holes. I ran a power line from the second floor to the lifting head in the attic and installed a switch with a pilot light to turn the power to the lift on and off.
The directions were clear and detailed, and I had no problems assembling and installing the lift. My wife helped me stand the lifting head upright, and I had a friend help move the lift over the opening in the floor and lag it down. It was nice that there were extra screws and bolts provided. Assembling the lifting platform and attaching the cables were done on the second floor of the barn. After checking all fasteners, it was time to test the lift. I went into the attic and following the directions raised the lift for the first time. The platform came up through the opening without rubbing on any side and stopped at floor level. It was perfect. Framing the opening took a little over half a day with two men, and it took me about 1-1/2 days to assemble and install the lift.
I am very happy with the Versa Lift and had no problems with the installation. After removing the “stuff” I no longer want, I plan to store any remaining items in totes. I would rate the lift, instructions and service from Steve at Versa Lift five stars.




Recently finished the install of VersaLift 24 with no real issues. If one takes the time to read and review the instructions as well as the videos on VersaLifts web site, everything should go smoothly. At 68, the only real issue was getting the head unit into the attic as it is very heavy. That's what son in laws are for! I followed all the suggestions and when I removed the attic floor,  I discovered electrical wires where I originally intended to install the lift requiring me to move it over one rafter. Not a big deal. The engineering of the unit itself is clearly well thought out and assembly is fairly easy if one has basic skills. Wife and I have already used to get the holiday decorations down. What a breeze. We went with the basic wired unit and are pleased. Don't know why a remote would be needed as someone has to go up in the attic to load/unload the lift,  while the same goes down below. Unit works flawlessly and is perfect for us senior citizens. Would recommend it to anyone. Clearly a safety factor. 

 J Zamiska

VersaLift in Garage VersaLift raising

The VersaLift is an absolute marvel.  The VersaLift has replaced dragging, pushing, hoisting storage trunks, suitcases & seasonal items up & down a conventional attic access ladder.  The VersaLift has significantly increased the safety of moving materials to/from our attic space by eliminating the need to use a conventional attic access ladder.

Stoffer, TN

Attic Lift in the Attic Attic Lift on the 2nd floor Attic Lift close floor panel

 The lift works perfectly and has already saved us numerous trips up and down the stairs

J. Stepo Jr

Versalift Door Panel Lowered VersaLift Empty VersLift with Shutter door closed Versalift with optional shutter door open Loaded lift

Three of us ordered the lifts and worked on installing them together. The instruction book made it clear on how to install the unit.

Short,  FL

Assembling Attic lift

Extremely satisfied with our purchase of the VERSA LIFT Model 32W.  The larger size lift has worked out well to store large devices (e.g., - snowblower and leaf blower) in attic area during Spring/ Summer - and then Summer tools away during Winter.  I use the Lift very frequently - as I now no longer cart items up and down the“Pull Down Attic Stairs”.  Makes my work in the Attic much easier- and- I really feel much safer - as I now only take myself up and down the stairs- without carrying boxes/ tubs, etc.   Definitely one of the smarter home investments we have made lately!

Lutz, IN

Closed VersaLift with Garage view of the Door Panel Ascending VersaLift Garage View Descended VersaLift from Attic View with Head and Legs installed in the attic Closed Versalift Attic View Closing VersaLift from Attic View

As we get older, we find that it is harder to get up into the attic with boxes, etc.   This year we decided to invest in your lift and can't be happier.   This is a safer way of storing those heavy boxes.   Attached are a couple of pictures of the finished installation.  

VersaLift on Garage Floor VesaLift ascending into attic VesaLift Closed door panel from Garage View VersaLift in attic VersaLift in attic

We are so happy with our new VersaLift! Due to construction anomalies in our house, we thought that we could fit in the large VersaLift but after the install started, we had to switch to the smaller unit. VersaLift customer service was fantastic – we just shipped the first one back and they replaced it with the smaller one. We had already installed the wall switch and they even made sure we were credited for that and they didn’t put a second one in the box with the new system. After we finally got it in, in what had to be one of the most challenging installs ever, we are thrilled with how it works. We immediately started moving stuff to the attic that had been waiting 5 years since we moved to this house, to go up!

I want to add an extra endorsement for the attic stair railing kit. At first I was unsure if I wanted to pay nearly $250 for a pretty simple system that we could have assembled ourselves from iron pipe from the hardware store for much less. But, let me say, we DIDN’T ever do it ourselves – and probably never would have gotten around to measuring, cutting pipe, etc. I was getting to the point with the pull down stairs that I hated using it – the top 5 steps were backed by the ceiling cover and I could never get my foot securely on the step because it was so shallow, and there was not anything secure to hang onto as I went up or down. I was starting to look at totally different systems, or even paying to have a real stairs built up to the attic. Then we bought and installed the railing from Versalift. What a difference!! I was thinking it would provide security up in the attic from falling down through the opening, and of course it does do that. But much more important, it provides just the right handholds to keep us secure when going up and down. I can’t endorse this product strongly enough. Just buy it. 

Installer was my nephew Steve Bishop, who has a lot of construction experience although he is not a licensed contractor. His phone number is 859-533-7994, and he said he would be willing to be listed in your directory.

Thanks so much for a great product –

J. Hayden FL

VersaLift loaded ascending Loaded Versalift in the Attic VersaLift installed in attic without the rail VersaRail in Attic

My wife, Pam, and I just had the Versa Lift Model 32 with in-wall switch installed in our attic. After the install, we lowered all of our Christmas decorations down in just a few minutes. Easiest transfer ever - it is a game changer!

Everything works as promised. Highly recommended.


S Dreher


here is  a picture of a lift we installed for a stair way.  the lift worked well! Moore GA

Attic Lift at top of stairs  GA

Dear Versalift Team,

 We purchased a Versalift back in December 2017. It arrived just in time for our new house closing on Dec. 27 (nice Christmas gift!!) Believe it or not, we couldn’t find an installer for it until June 2018!! However, now that it is finally done, Al & I could not be more thrilled with your product. It is EVERYTHING it is advertised to be and more. 

 We bought the 32M Model (see below). We are both so grateful NOT to have to carry large & heavy boxes up & down those attic stairs. It is risky for anyone to be doing that but especially, as we get older, it is even more dangerous. Besides the obvious reason for it to be such a wonderful addition to our home we absolutely LOVED the following features;

 1-Two Wall switches (one on the garage wall, the other in the attic). That is SO smart! It makes it possible for 2 people to load/unload the Versalift without having to constantly climb   down & up that ladder.

 2-A key lock/unlock safety feature on the garage wall next to the switch. TERRIFIC in case you have grandchildren who like to play with big red switches!!! Lol!

 3-An electrical wire which actually was connected to our attic light receptacle. Once we shut off the wall light switch we actually have deactivated the device as well as shut off the attic light. Another GREAT safety feature

 4-The “deadman’s switch” feature which prevents the lift from descending or ascending without someone’s finger actually ON the button. Once you release the button, the lift stops wherever you want it to. 

 5-The complete stability of the entire lift is exactly how we would want it to move. No rocking, swinging or swaying causing anything to fall off. The lift also doesn’t move quickly, allowing  everything to stay where you place it. That is due to the sensible construction with 2 sets of cable wires (on each side of the lift). Unlike inferior products that have one cable in the middle  creating a swinging "pendulum” effect. Of course, one has to be sensible with how much to load or how high to load the platform. Our lift can hold 250 lbs max. so we are careful not to overload it.  

There is nothing more we can say to suggest improvements on this already WONDERFUL product. Check out our 10 pictures below (that’s Al in the photos. I’m the shutterbug!)

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts & wish you continued success with this product as well as all the products your company sells. 

Marie and Al SC

Closed VersaLift SC Ascending VersaLift SC Lowered VersaLift SC VersaLift and attic stairs openings SC Loaded VersaLift SC

I had to order the 3’ high lift due to attic space. I did the install myself. I have done some construction, and did not find cutting the floor and ceiling difficult . The instructions wren very well written. The hardest part was getting the power head up in the attic. I used a block and tackle. I would recommend help with this part. The lift works as advertised, and I am very pleased with it.

 B. O’Connell
The Villages, FL 

36" high attic lift Opening for attic lift  garage hoist with Christmas tree and decorations

We have a very large attic and store a lot of things up there. Lots of heavy Christmas decorations and of thongs that are not used very often. I am 67 years old and hauling stuff up and down the pull down ladder gets tougher every year. Particularly at Christmas. We put out a lot of yard decorations. After putting it off for a few years I finally purchased a Versalift the day after we put away the decorations for this past Christmas. It arrived 3 days after I ordered it. I installed it myself. The prep work took me about two days. The installation of the unit itself took about 5 hours. Pretty straight forward instructions.

I could not be happier!!


Dan Bailey
Tomball, Tx

Here are the images of my recent install of your attic lift system.

The entire process took me 20 hours to reframe my attic flooring and frame the opening and install the lift.

Once installed it worked properly without any problems. The system allowed our house to utilize a four car garage attic space which had significant storage space!


Kent Yoder
Knoxville, TN

attic lift beside tool box garage lift beside work bench  attic lift in messy garage

I have just completed the installation of my new Versa lift and I couldn’t be happier. The installation guide was amazing and very easy to follow. I was really impressed with the quality of the \Versa lift. It is a really well made piece of equipment. I have attached a few pictures to show the progress of my installation. I only needed help getting the unit up in the attic and again when I needed to turn it over and position it over the opening. Other than than, I was able to complete the project by myself. Probably the hardest part of the project was getting the unit out of the box since it was packed exceptionally well to avoid any damage. All in all, I was very impressed and can’t wait to show off my new Versa lift to anyone who comes by.

Thank you again for such a great product.

Gordon Tornberg
Folsom, CA

opening for attic ladder versalift being assembled on floor finished assembly of attic lift

The installation went fine.  The instruction book was easy to follow and gave very straight-forward directions for the installation.  I didn’t get the 24in Truss adapter (quite honestly, I didn’t see that as an option until after the installation), so I had to reposition the opening a little to allow the lift housing legs to clear the trusses.  Additionally, the trusses weren’t quite parallel and so I had to shim the corners behind the L Flashings to get the opening square.  But once that was done, the actual installation of the Versa Lift went quite smoothly.  As the pictures show, it is now fully in and it works great.


Romy Tomlinson
Orlando, FL

attic ladder opening 2 garage attic lift with trusses garage ceiling lift cover

I wanted to share with you my VersaLift installation video. I installed the lift over the summer and I am just now getting to sending you the videos. I appreciate you extending the warranty on our lift in fulfillment of your video sharing program.

We installed the lift in a rather unique (I think so) installation. The lift sites in a weather proof closet we built for the lift on our deck. It drops down 17’ from our deck on the second level of our home to the patio beneath in our back yard. We use the lift mostly for groceries, a luggage as our kitchen and guest room are on the second floor of our Vancouver BC home.

I hired a handyman to do the installation as it involved cutting into the deck and doing a torch-on roof to the closet. I however did the accordion doors, which I intend to modify with a proper rollup door when I have the money and the safety trap door. The safety trap door is a must in our installation as the deck opening is accessible to our children when the lift is in use. I highly recommend that VersaLift consider a similar add-on feature for other lifts.

As you can see my modification was rudimentary. I installed a 1x2 between the lift basket framing so that it would catch the trapdoor as it came down thus not getting stuck between the crossbar of the basket. It works and solves the safety issue. 

Dan Moskovitz
Blaine, WA


outside lift opening outdoor deck with opening bottom view of deck opening   upper view of opening versalift in up position  versalift being assembled on deck patio > finished versa lift with enclosure  bi fold doors on outside versalift open bi fold doors to loft lift 

After trying to haul stuff up that narrow attic ladder and then using versalift, I cant imagine ever not having a versalift to get this job done. Its the best. Very quiet operation. Flows very smoothly. Love it. Mine is right next to the ladder opening which i think is a perfect location. THANKS SO MUCH

North myrtle beach, SC

attic ladder in down position   attic ladder beside attic lift

I've had this unit for a while but it's been too hot in the attic to install but with a little help from a friend it was completed on 8/17/17. I had to do a little more prep work cause I had to move it over one more rafter and go perpendicular. As far as installing the Versa Lift the instructions were right on. I just wish I've gotten this unit sooner. Very smooth operation. I would definitely recommend  Versa Lift for anyone who stores seasonal stuff in the attic.

Very satisfied customer

John L. Lusby
Martinsburg, W.V.

angle view of attic lift   end view of versalift  garage ceiling lift going up opening for garage ceiling lift

I installed my lift along with the help of my two brothers. It only took about 4 hours to frame the opening and install the lift.

Since I knew I was going to install my lift adjacent to my pull down attic stairs, I chose to use the corded pendent control.

If you install away from the attic entry the remote would me a must.

It works great and eliminates the unsafe transport of boxes and tubs up and down the attic stairs. My attic in the garage is 11 feet tall so the pull down stairs are long and difficult to heave heavy boxes up and down.

The design is well thought out and it is well constructed.

The design is well thought out and it is well constructed.

I would recommend to anyone who has a large attic storage area that is not utilized due to the difficulty of getting things up a ladder or attic pulldown.

Glenn Brannen
Shreveport, LA

ultimate attic lift in garage attic lift with trampoline attic lift near garage door attic lift next to attic ladder

I finally finished my attic storage. I have attached a few photos showing the Versa Lift in the finished attic and a video showing raising items. 

The Versa Lift is great. No more carrying boxes up the attic ladder, which usually required two people. Now I can move anything I want up to or down from the attic all by myself. It is much quicker and easier on my back. The Versa Lift makes accessing and using the unused space in my attic a breeze. Now I have my garage back.

Thanks Versa Lift,

Andy Zitt
Mikena, Il


Just got every thing done today. Works great, goes up and down.

LCDR Kid McCoy USN/re
Fallon NV.

steel framing for garage lift   end view of steel framing  side view of steel framing loft lift at mezzanine level  top down view of versalift

Installed my unit on Sunday. Directions were easy to follow and very helpful.

Kevin Coates
Frisco, TX

kevins attic lift coates family attic lift attic lift and garage cabinets

I ordered the 24W (wireless) system. It came within one week. I had the benefit of someone helping me who had already put an idential model in his parent’s home, so we were ahead of the game. Once we opened all the boxes and laid the pieces out it was not difficult to put the frame together. First we put the platform together in the garage because we had more room, but we also knew that it was the starting point for lifting after the frame was installed in the attic. Then we went into the attic and constructed the lifting frame. Again, it was not complicated, it just took time and patience while referencing the manual.

Once it was all done it worked great and I am very happy with the product.

p.s. My objective in this whole process was to eliminate shoving decorations and things up my drop-down attic ladder. Several of my neighbors have fallen off their ladders in the past two years and I saw this as a health and safety answer to a potential hospital visit.

Paul Hickey
Myrtle Beach, SC

framed out opening for lift assembly of attic lift  partially assembled attic lift lift in up position

Just writing to tell you the Versalift I recently received has been installed and is working nicely. I am retired and 68 years old. A year ago I broke my ankle when the wooden fold down attic ladder broke while putting away Christmas items. My step son saw the Versalift last summer and told me to take a look. I was immediately interested and after determining it would fit between the existing joists I decided to install it during the winter when the attic is cool. I like simple projects like this. I also have a pretty good ability to work with tools (a farm boy growing up) and can follow instructions.

I work on projects at a very relaxed pace with rest as needed. I am happy to report the Versalift install fits this type of work. All of the steps are clearly described in the installation manual. For me the most difficult work was framing the ceiling opening along with lifting the Versalift device into the attic. Here is how I accomplished the install:

Thursday, February 23rd – Purchased lumber to frame a 22 ½ x 46 ½ opening in the garage attic. Joists were 24” on center leaving a 22 ½ inch space. Cut the 22 ½ inch pieces needed to complete framing the opening. Remove existing flooring and cut to expose area to be framed. 

Friday, February 24th – Completed the attic framing double checking the measurements. Versalift delivered in three boxes by UPS. 

Saturday, February 25th – Opened all the boxes and verified everything was shipped. Planned how to get the heavy unit into the attic. 

Sunday, February 26th – Used a rope hoist to get the Versalift head (80+ lbs.) into the attic. Assemble the unit in the attic and positioned it over the opening securing it as instructed. 

Monday, February 27th – Cut the drywall opening and attached the corner pieces. Assembled the platform on the garage floor below the opening and attached it to the cables from the unit in the attic. Plugged in the unit, turned it on and tested the up and down operation. The unit is on the same circuit as the attic lighting eliminating any concern about whether the unit is on or off. Made the final adjustments in the attic.

Tuesday, February 28th – Used the Versalift to remove accumulated junk, cleaned and organized the area, and started placing Christmas and other items in the attic.

The Versalift is working just as I had hoped. At my age trying to manhandle heavy items into the attic on a fold down ladder is just too dangerous. The Versalift with the wireless remote gives me an easy way to move items up and down. It is a very well thought out product and the spring loaded ceiling cover works great. I also definitely like the wireless remote control since it allows me the easily operate the unit from the attic or the floor.

I highly recommend the Versalift.


John Luckett
Henderson, KY

versalift with christmas tree   versalift with christmas tree halfway up versalift with christmas tree all the way up

Dear Versa Lift

I just read all the great testimonials about what I have called the best idea to come along since the invention of the wheel.  Just kidding about the wheel but this time and back saving device has just made my life so much easier.  No more calling my son to come over and bring down my Christmas lights nor calling my neighbor to help me put away all the storage boxes.  Now I can actually think about cleaning out our attic. 

Ease of installation – 2 of us 6 ½ hours to install.  Shipped in three containers that were well thought out to insure an undamaged delivery.  Installation instructions that are not complicated to follow.  Great warranty that is transferrable to the new owner if we should decide to move.  By the way that will make for another sale. 

Last, my neighbor has already ordered theirs and is hoping to have it installed before they have to put away all of their Christmas lights. 


Doug Studer
Huron, OH

attic lift with fishing equipment


Please find the attached video of my VersaLift. It took me approximately 1 1/2 hours to install and I couldn't be happier. We just added a new 1600 sq.ft. garage on our property with an 800 sq.ft. apartment upstairs. The downstairs has 12 foot ceilings for a car lift so its quite a hike up the stairs to the 2nd floor. My Dad sent me a video of the VersaLift as a different option to pull down stairs. Once I saw it in action, I knew this was the product for us. You will notice that I have an orange extension cord running through the VersaLift opening as we didn't have the power hooked up to the garage yet. I think the video pretty much speaks for itself. The lift will serve us in many ways. We have a huge storage area up above as well as a door to access this area from the apartment. Anything that needs to go upstairs is sent up with the VersaLift. Groceries, Storage Bins, Luggage, Etc. We have been able to use it for everything and fully endorse your product. Now that we have it, we wouldn't know what to do without it. 

Thank you,

Mark Busch
Gulfport, MI


When we purchased our home a few years ago we had very little storage space. So, I hired a handyman to install a ceiling in our garage, which gave us plenty of useable attic space. This worked great for a time but I realized that hauling bulky items up and down the folding attic stairs was a safety issue. The thought of my significant other slipping and falling was enough for me to find a better option. I was so happy and relieved to find the solution to our problem with Versa Lift!

This project was a little beyond my skill level and I vacillated with the decision to install it myself or hire a handyman. Luckily, my uncle, who’s skill exceeds my own was more than happy to help me! We completed the project over several weekends not exceeding more than 3-4 hours per stint. Versa Lift also has a help line that you can call if you have any questions – very friendly and helpful staff…thank you!

Our only hang-up was not realizing that we needed the Truss Leg Kit to complete the project. No problem - the kit arrived shortly after the order was made and the project resumed. My recommendation to others is when you decide on the location of your lift consider whether the lift will sit between 24” on center trusses – if so buy the kit you’ll need it!

Finally, I’m so happy I found this product it’s well built and I’m confident that it will service our family for years to come.

Thanks again!

Inver Grove Heights, MN

organized garage lift with igloo on top attic view of ladder and lift man operating garage lift rafters in attic attic lift with ice chest and cups side by side attic ladder and garage attic lift

PUT it UP!

I have been shoving stuff up the attic ladder for too many years!! No more! I bought an Attic Lift LOL!!! Now I simply push a button :)

Robert Cashion
Statesville, NC

attic lift with luggage on it

Multiple Solutions for Multiple Challenges

Our first challenge was the electrical wires running across the top of the joices. There were many of them and they were stretch taught so presented a problem finding a clear opening free of wires. Jack found that in the northwest corner. He then ran wire and installed two LED fixtures that lit the entire attic.

Our ceiling height measured right at 11 feet. I made the decision to buy the 14’ height to have plenty of room. As it turned out that permitted us to run 1X2’s over the joices and elevate the flooring above all the wires.

We also mounted a box above the lift on a rafter for electrical power. The Versalift came with a 6' plug so all we had to do was plug it in.

We have a very large attic that has inside access from the second floor. The route is up the stairs, through a loft, bedroom, bathroom and closet. Carrying big plastic bins of stuff awkward even after you traverse the stairs. The VersaLift provided multiple solutions to our challenges.

Douglas Ducate
Plano, TX

attic with decking being installed roof rafters over attic lift lighting in attic man working on garage ceilinggarage with ceiling lift


We installed the Versalift in about 5 hours, it was not a very difficult task. The hardest part was cutting into the floor joists and framing it out, but my handyman/carpenter did the task well. This is a great product and we wish we had bought it years ago...

Joe Balzano, SR.

Best garage accessory ever

I installed this left in my garage two weeks ago. I wish that had done it five years ago. Easy to install, just follow the instructions supplied. No more carrying things up the ladder. Gone with the push of a button.

Dan Vana
Northfield, OH

garage lift with wagon on top

Willoughby Project

Great Product I'm Sure we will have many great years with such a great Product.

I hired a Contractor to do the install I had him (Atchafalaya Home Improvements)(Victor Pisani) Floor my Attic and Install the Attic Lift They made it look like a very simple project. Already used the attic lift and it works flawlessly.

attic lift with box of papers

Reilly Project

Tallahassee, FL

I saw the Versa Lift advertised on tv in Dec, about two days after I had spent approximately 1 1/2 hours getting all the Christmas decorations out of the attic. I spoke with my wife and we decided it would be a asset to the house. Approximately a week after placing the order (in May), the lift arrived. I was impressed with the packaging and also with the quality of the product. Installation went fairly easy. As you can see in the pictures I had to fit it in between the trusses (as that was the only place it would fit). I found that I had to leave one leg off until I could maneuver it between the trusses, that turned out not to be an issue and worked great. I wired the electric outlet off of the attic light, as suggested, and the unit works flawlessly! My wife and I put all the Christmas decorations back up into the attic in about 15 minutes. I feel it was WELL worth the effort and cost involved. We are extremely pleased with this lift and have/will be recommending it to friends. We would like to add that as we live in a 55+ community and, as such, this addition becomes a extra selling point to the home.

versalift with framing in attic attic structure framing end view of ultimate attic lift angle view of attic ladder and liftroof trusses attached to floor  attic lift with six storage containers

This shows Truss Legs coming down to the floor, but because they do not interfere with the end of the lift, a Truss Leg Kit is not going to be necessary.

roof truss construction close up of versalift air conditioning hoses in attic

Stuart Project
Savannah, GA

attic lift in unfinished garage garden tools in garage tools on attic lift

Chastain Job
Baton Rouge, LA

Nice view of Ceiling Panel cover. Also available in Fire Rated Model for upgrade price.

bottom up view of attic lift in operation

By HiBuckeyeHi on May 20, 2015

We recently built a new home with a planned large storage loft above the garage. During construction we realized carrying boxes of stuff up the traditional fold down attic stairs would be both cumbersome and dangerous. Therefore we began researching ways to transport items up and down from the loft in a safe and effective manor. In doing our research we ran across the Versa Lift System and after reviewing the online data, we purchased a system. We installed the system ourselves which took about 4 hours following the clear, straightforward instructions. The system was delivered with all the parts and instructions and without damage. The system works exactly as is advertised and it is a great system. We followed load instructions and we moved numerous plastic storage bins (about 15 of them) to the attic without difficulty. I was in the garage and loaded the versa lift and sent it up to my husband in the attic, who unloaded the boxes and stored them. We are grateful we found this system. It is so much safer and so much easier than muscling the storage bins up a garage fold-up ladder. We absolutely love this Versa Lift system. We also added a rail system around the stairway opening in the attic. It is definitely a plus to have the additional safety feature. This system is MORE than worth the money we spent. Thanks.

attic cover for versalift versalift in up position empty versarail attic ladder safety rail

5.0 out of 5 stars

I have not only absolutely loved having Versa Lift

Bypunky sung

on May 26, 2015

I have not only absolutely loved having Versa Lift, I most recently got to experience their superb customer service. I needed to replace an antenna on my unit and had it resolved with a single phone call. So be assured that when you buy one of these, it will not only make your life easier, you can expect great ongoing support.

Sun City Carolina Lakes Retirement Community in South Carolina

It is a real back saver for putting things in the attic.

The installation went very well. The instructions were detailed with illustrations. I had a question during installation which was answered promptly and satisfactorily when I called. The only issue I had was I had to install it in a location that the support legs interfered with the truss members. This required that I add a scab to the outside of the members for support then cut away the original member for clearance. I am very happy with the unit as it is a real back saver for putting things in theattic. Thanks.

The Shaleks
Lima, OH

skylight over versa lift view of attic lift from downstairs organized garage with attic lift white ceiling cover of attic lift


Works perfect and easy to install

B. Howard
Jacksonville, FL


Wow! What a great Versalift.

Wow! What a great Versalift. My wife loves holidays and we have hundreds of boxes full of decorations. My back went out and we needed a way to move things up to and down from the second floor of my shop. Now no more caring boxes up and down the stairs. Simply load the lift and push a button. It a life (back) saver. Quick shipping and fairly easyto install. Looks to be wellengineered and made, and should last a long time. Took some time to create the support structure without tearing up the existing floor but now looks great.

J. Ross
Texarkana, TX

saw horses attic lift opening attic lift near safety railing attic lift with ice chests  attic lift ceiling cover with frame

Moving lots of heavy items to the attic is now easy.

I installed the Versalift myself along with an aluminum attic ladder. I installed a switch with an outlet at the edge of the ladder hole to power the Versalift and an attic light. This makes it easy to lower the ladder, step up a couple of steps and turn on the switch to power the Versalift and a light in the attic. Because of limited space in a truss roof attic, I had to make many measurements to figure out exactly where to position the Versalift so it didn't interfere with the trusses in the roof and still allow me to get items on and off the lift platform. In the end, I was able to locate the lift where I could retrieve large items from the end but not the sides. So far this has not been a problem. I've even managed to put the end of long items on the platform, raise the platform up as far as possible then pull them into the attic from above. The installation turned out well and I am quite pleased with the Versalift. Moving lots of heavy items to the attic is now easy which is important for a 70 year old retiree.

PS: I just wish you had included the support legs for a truss roof in the standard kit instead of forcing me to buy extra truss roof legs. The legs for the truss roof can be used in all installations. This is not the case with the standard legs. See attached photos.

T. Clark
Indianapolis, IN

series of images of attic lift installation 

Thanks so much to versalift for more peace of mind.

This is a picture of our new versalift and ladder which we recently had installed. Today they installed the versalift rail around the ladder which makes it so much safer to get into the attic. I highly recommend the railing along with the versalift. We are very pleased with it. Being both in our 70's it was getting a bit risky to be wrestling boxes and items up to the attic for storage. Now it is so much easier not to mention so much safer. We just love the new system and highly recommend it for anyone who wants easier and safer in order to obtain more attic storage. Thanks so much to versalift for more peace of mind. Thanks so much for yours and Betty's help as the whole process went very smoothly.

F & D Ross
Enola, PA

versalift attic lift installed at end of attic ladder

I am sure it will save my back from having to lug items up & down the stairs.

It was installed this year shortly after it was shipped to me after a verylengthywait from your shipper delays.

It seems to have a smooth operation up & down. I especially like the railing for the stairs to the attic since you can't hold on to anything to pull yourself up or hold on when coming down. My contractor did run the cord through a hole in ceiling and we mounted the control against the wall so you don't have to go in the attic to bring the control down and take it back up when your done using the lift. We also wired it through a switch that controls the attic light so you have to use the switch before you operated the lift as a added extra safety precaution. We have showed it several times to construction workers and other people who were asking about it. I am sure it will save my back from having to lug items up & down the stairs.

G. Bridgman
Keystone Heights, FL

corded controller for versalift versalift going down in garage attic hoist attic hoist in down position attic garage hoist veralift versarail attic ladder safety rail versarail side view

I will not hesitate to recommend this system to my clients.

I am a builder in San Antonio and ordered the lift to be installed in my personal home that was under construction. Attached, you will find several pictures of the lift in my conditioned attic. I had my trim carpenter install the lift. Never before had he done an installation like this, but he got it completed in just two to three hours. It works great and perfect for lifting the holiday boxes from the garage to attic and back. In addition, I appreciate you working with me when I initially ordered the wrong unit. You were very professional and the exchange was expedited quickly. I will not hesitate to recommend this system to my clients.

J. McNair
San Antonio, TX

versarail in between two walls versalift side view Model 24 versalift with corded controller 


My wife and I retired from the military and bought our “forever” home here in Texas. The first day we saw the house we noticed and were impressed with how tall the ceilings were throughout the entire house. Our opinion of high ceilings soon changed once we began trying to put stuff in the attic. The tall ceilings and rickety attic ladder made it very difficult to utilize the attic due to having to support heavy items at awkward angles trying to get them up. With previous back problems we knew we need to look for an alternate method of utilizing the extra storage space we have in the attic. This led us to Versalift. I was impressed by the operation and the reviews online and decided we HAD TO HAVE ONE!!!! I called the Versalift staff and the customer support was outstanding from the start. My questions were answered and the order was placed. I ordered on a Thurs and my lift arrived Monday in three boxes. The instructions are extremely well done and I like the fact differences were noted based on different types of construction of your attic. The lift could have been installed a lot quicker but in the Texas heat I chose to work at night so it took me about three nights to have it done. It worked great and I immediately showed it off to all my neighbors (who all want one). Shortly I was able to reclaim my garage and move everything we wanted in the attic with very little effort and without worrying about falling off a ladder. I feel so much safer having this in my home. This product is well worth the money and added value to my home. Thank you for making such an awesome product!!

S. Godwin
Oak Leaf, TX

attic structure with garage hoist top down view garage hoist     
framing picture of garage hoist right angle view of attic storage lift  attic storage lift system  
view of storage deck on versalift attic ladder iron framework of versalift 

It runs very smoothly

My Versalift was installed by my new home builder. He said it went together very easily, Since it was a new construction installation that probably made it a bit easier. I have attached some pictures of my lift and some of the boxes i have transported to the attic with it. The size of the Versa Lift is very good, allowing significant loads to be moved each trip. It runs very smoothly, with very little side to side or fore to aft movement of the lift base. It also fits very snuggly into the ceiling hole. I did add a run of 1/2 wide foam weather stripping around the upside perimeter of the lift base for an even snugger fit to the ceiling, but that was certainly not necessary. I just seem to always try to gold plate stuff. The Versa Lift has already paid for itself in my mind in just getting a season's worth of holiday decoration into my attic. What would have taken half a day by foot took about an hour with the Versa Lift and that's because I did it my self and had to walk up and down to load and unload it.

T. Hutton
Lake Charles, LA

fire rated ceiling cover for attic hoist attic lift system in up position attic elevator lift in attic with various storage boxes 

This was a fun erector set, big boy size

Quick shipment. I downloaded the manual and cut the hole and ran the electric before the lift arrived. Very well packaged. Everything was in the 3 boxes that was supposed to be there. I am very handy with tools. This was a fun erector set, big boy size. Everything fit well together and the materials are very well made. The manual was very clear and the extra warning signs made sure you follow the steps for an easy install. Once the lift arrived it was up and running in 3.5 hours. I like doing things by myself but I definitely needed two people to lift the main unit into the attic safely. I opted for the corded model. You can't misplace it..

W. Griffin
New Lenox, IL

attic hoist next to toy wagon versalift attic lift with carrier attic storage lift with two green storage tubs 

I know I will enjoy using it

Hello, Just got my versa lift installed. I am sending a picture. This is the first versa lift I have ever seen or as a matter of fact the first anyone has ever seen up here in Northern Maine. I had to wait to have it installed. But it was well worth the wait. We followed the instruction in the manual and it was not too complicated to install. The Versa lift works as advertised and I know I will enjoy using it. I am a senior citizen and going up and down the stairs carrying totes and boxes was becoming difficult. It has made that chore so much easier.

L. Cyr
Ft. Kent. ME

versalift with blue storage containers

"The attic has been transformed into a convenient “active” storage area."

I purchased and installed my Versa Lift 24 as part of a project to improve attic storage in my home.

The Versa Lift arrived without damage and I found the step-by-step instruction both clear and complete. I installed the Versa Lift in the existing attic stairs portal (and, separately, had a set of stairs installed adjacent to the lift location).I was able to position both the lift and new stairs so they are both assessable with the car in normal position in the garage (see Photo1). Within the attic, the lift is assessable from one side (see Photo 2).The corded remote controller can be moved up or down through the stairs portal and stores nicely on a bottom stairs rung when the stairs are up. The Versa Lift works great and allows efficient and (very importantly) SAFE movement of items into and out of the attic … so much so that the attic has been transformed into a convenient “active” storage area. The Versa Lift completely eliminates the awkward and dangerous dragging of items up and down narrow attic folding stairs. After contacting the polite and efficient Versa Lift support staff I found I was able to place insulation board between the lift floor and the cover panel, install a foam seal around the cover panel, and carpet the lift floor. The lift in closed position is neat and (air) tight (see Photo 3).

My wife and I are delighted with our Versa Lift.

L. Holm
Lake Charles, LA

aluminum attic ladder in down position ultimate attic lift in attic position attic ladder and lift in closed position 

Couldn't be happier...

Ordered the Versalift Model 24 unit from Cynergy Versalift Systems for our new home. The lift arrived within a few days and was packaged. The instructions were very clear and concise. We had our home built with the rough framing already done to the correct specifications. All I had to do was install the lift and this was a breeze. My son and I put the lift together and had it running in 2 hours. I couldn't be happier with the performance of this model. I have cleared out a lot of space in the garage now that I don't have to carry heavy items up stairs to the attic. I highly recommend this unit anyone who has a garage full of stuff they rarely use. I keep a lot of my big shop tools in the attic now since they are a quick ride down when I need them. Fantastic purchase!

JT & Tracy Heslink
Saginaw, TX

ultimate attic lift with boxes on it white fire rated ceiling panel 

It works flawlessly.

We have a 1,200 sq. ft. home, with 600 sq. space in the attic and 10 foot ceilings. We are both in our late 60's, and there is no way we could haul stuff up and down from the attic on a ladder. We had a contractor install a Versa-lift model 24 with remote, and have used it for about 2 months. It works flawlessly, and has made our attic storage 100% useful. The model 24 has all the space we need for moving-size boxes, and we have even managed to get a 6 foot ladder and some large mirrors up there and out of our way. I like the remote control because we didn't have to cut into the wall to run wiring, and we can take the remote up to the attic if we need to. One detail we missed during the installation is that we located the lift too close to a door, meaning that we have to close the door every time we use the lift; otherwise, the lift would strike the door when it descends. Our contractor was concerned about a vertical clearance issue, and it turned out that we actually had the room, but it would have been a major project to relocate the lift. It is a simple habit to close the door, and the safety and convenience are well worth this extra step. For our ladder (which is electric, and I highly recommend it), we purchased the VersaRail, made by the same company. It has made getting off and back onto the ladder much more secure and much safer.

S. Lowens
Alameda, CA

attic storage lift with luggage elevator lift in utility room

The Versalift is very easy to operate.

I finished installing my new Versalift. My wife's first comment was that now that it is so easy to get Christmas and Halloween items into the attic,she can go out and buy more stuff. It was a very easy process from ordering on line to delivery and installation. I had framed out the opening a couple of days before the lift arrived. I was able to down load the directions from Versalift's web site. The opening took about an hour to frame then another hour or so to tap into the attic lights to run an outlet for the Versalift. When the lift arrived I would say it took about 5 hours to put it together and install it including picturing framing out the lift door to give it a nice finished look matching the same finish as my pull down stairs.The Versalift is very easy to operate with automatic shut offs on both up and down. I was impressed with the quality of the lift and the design of everything including the the spring loaded door closure system. A lot thought went into the design of the Versalift and it shows with the end result. The size and quality of the motor was more then I could ask for. I just hope my attic floor can hold all the items that my wife now plans on storing up there now that she does not need me to help her get them up or down. Thanks again Versalift for a great invention!

D. Morrill
The Villages, Florida

white ceiling of garage

It took them about four hours to install it.

My brother-in-law, Bob, had a Versalift installed in his garage to his attic a few weeks ago. My husband, Bo, went to check it out, and saw how easy it was to transport things up and down, he decided to put one up in our garage.

I ordered it on-line, and it came within a few days. We had already spoken to the construction guys who had put Bo's brother's in, and they were willing to do ours. Because of the rainy weather which delayed their outside jobs, they were able to put in our Versalift within four days of getting the lift. It took them about four hours to install it, and it works like a charm.

We have several heavy boxes in the attic, and a very narrow pull-down staircase to bring things down and take things up. This has been rather dangerous at times. This will give me the flexibility to sort things out, and reorganize without throwing my back out in the process. Also, it will allow us to put our Christmas decorations in the attic, instead of having to deal with going out to get them in the shed in cold, snowy weather.

We are very pleased with the Versalift, and will recommend it to our friends.

Millie and Bo
Buffalo, NY

attic loft lift in garage storage lift with tubs ceiling view of garage
exit view of attic 

I have been very pleased...

Trying to take items up and down pull down attic stairs is dangerous to an individual of any age. In order to alleviate this risk of injury I tried to find ways that I would allow me to safely move materials up and down from the attic. In my research Attic Lift was highly recommended by people that purchased them. Since my installation I have been very pleased with the construction and the operation of the lift. My Versa Lift has certainly put my mind at ease when it comes to moving items.

Aurora, IL

garage attic lift with two white storage containers attic lift with items stored on it man standing next to attic lift framed door on attic lift

The lift is a lifesaver for us.

Dear Steve

Attached are the pictures of the installed lift.

I received the lift on Friday afternoon, delivery delayed due to weather, and I finished the installation Saturday afternoon. I did not have any problems with the installation or the assembly. The instructions are very well written. I had downloaded the installation instructions when I placed the order so I was able to do the attic prep work before the lift arrived.

My wife are in our seventies and we had a very difficult returning items to the attic after the holidays and we had decided that we could never again do this without a great deal of danger to both of us. The lift is a lifesaver for us. I only wish that I had installed the lift years ago instead of waiting this long.

I would recommend this lift to everyone that stores items in the attic.

R. Drouilhet
Boston, MA

picture of ceiling image of upper unit in aluminum shaftway of attic lift 
storage lift sitting on wood floor 

We purchased the Versa Lift August 2012 and had it installed in October 2012. The representatives at VersaLift and their technician were very helpful in giving us technical advice, were courteous and professional in quickly responding to our calls and returning calls, and patiently walked us through various solutions. Our attic ceiling turned out a bit lower than expected and the VersaLift professionals expertly fashioned a shorter pair of legs and had them shipped to us quickly. The installation instructions were simple and detailed. We have been using the VersaLift to haul things up and down the attic with great ease and convenience, and the lift have been performing well without any problems. The VersaLift is a great idea and a great product, and the VersaLift people are truly professionals who deliver what they say and show that they truly care about their customers.

B. Kwan
Santa Ana, CA


Dear Steve,

I first saw this product at a home show in Temple, Texas 2 years ago and then I saw it again this year and I decided I needed one. I am 65 and it is getting more difficult to push items up the pull down stairway and to get them down without a Versalift Attic Lift System is mostly push them down the ladder and hope they survive the trip!! Since we had a very tight spot to put it I asked my son to assist me. He is an art director in Hollywood and designed sets etc. and they have to fit so he was able to use some of his software to design just where to position this one correctly. The installation is perfect and the directions were great and it all went together just as it was supposed to.

Currently I am using it to take items from my closets that I use infrequently such as Christmas things and put them in the attic. It is easy to get them up and down and frees up a lot of closet space for those things I would rather keep in a climate controlled environment. A few days after we finished it, my mother in law came to live with us and I have put many boxes of her collectible items in the attic so in the future they will be there for her children.

The purchase of this product is probably the best money I have spent in a long time.

You can feel free to use my name. I am going to attach three pictures with this but I am going to send you several more than that-I just won’t be able to attach them all to the same email. By the way I got this on the third day after you shipped it. Awesome service!!!

Mike H.
Edmond, OK


The VersaLift Lift System is one of those unique products that has everything going for it. It fills a void many homeowners want and need, and at an accessible price. All the piece parts are top shelf and well manufactured, instructions are simple but at the same time comprehensive. Tech/Product support should it be required is very accessible, you'll find the ever pleasant Steve Davidson at VersaLift has an answer for any and all assembly problems you might encounter, you should expect few if any. Mine is in, I had a ball installing it, my expectations were exceeded…and not without importance, my wife is thrilled with it. This is a product that delivers what is advertised, not something to take lightly these days.



My Versa Lift is one of the best purchases I have made recently. My wife and I built a new home this year and put in the Versa Lift to help with attic storage. I am in my late sixties and do not need to be carrying heavy things up and down stairs. The unit was easily installed by the home builder’s workmen in a short amount of time. Our builder, as well as others that have seen the Versa Lift, have been impressed with the system and how useful it is. My wife and I like to decorate extensively at Christmas, and I am sure that we will use it frequently before the holidays to access all the decorations, as well as afterward to store them.


McGregor, TX


Versalift Systems

On April 24, 2013 we had our Versalift installed. My wife and I are in our sixties. We have over thirty boxes of Christmas decorations that go into our attic. We have had a hard time of getting them into and out of the attic the last few years.

Now with the Versalift it will be so easy and safe. After doing some remodeling in our home we had a few boxes of tile left over and it would have been impossible for us to lift them into the attic. With our new Versalift all we had to do was slide them on the lift and push the up button and away they went.

The ceiling panel that covers the bottom of the lift also completely covers the opening to the attic and needs no painting or molding to make it look finished. Every home with an attic should have one!

Fort Wayne, IN


My wife and I moved into a newly constructed home in mid-2012. Unpacked boxes were everywhere. Our three-car garage was full and we still had many items and boxes in a rented storage space.

The new house has a lot of attic space but the indoor pull down ladder is very heavy and is difficult to pull down and unfold as it is in a hallway that has a ten-foot ceiling. Besides the pull down difficulty, it was a real chore to even put Christmas decorations in the attic up the long ladder.

We started searching the Internet for a better way to utilize our attic space for storage. The Versalift attic storage system appealed to us because there is a lot of attic space above our garages. We decided on the Versalift Model 24F. Steve referred us to someone who did the flooring of the garage attic space and installation of the Versalift. On a tip from Steve, we had an aluminum drop-down ladder installed.

Now my wife can operate the aluminum ladder by her self and of course operate the Versalift. Thanks to Versalift we have recaptured our garages and can park both of our vehicles inside and the rented storage space has been emptied.

We are so pleased with our Versalift that we tell our friends and neighbors about it.

Katy, Texas


My wife retired recently and we decided it was time to move closer to the kids (and especially the grandkids). After many years living in a large home, we downsized in a Sun City community. Normally when you downsize you get rid of a bunch of stuff - not in our case. One of the great features of the home we purchased is 500 sq ft of decked attic over the garage. However, the garage ceiling is 10' tall, making it an accident waiting to happen to get all our stuff into the attic. We looked at several homes before we purchased this one and one of them had a Versalift. We decided it would be prudent to install a Versalift in our new home. My son and I cut the hole in the ceiling, assembled and installed the Versalift in half a day. We're both pretty handy and had the materials and tools necessary for the job. The instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. The Versalift was the perfect solution to our problem.

Pictures and video attached.

Tyrone Boyd
Sandy Springs, GA


My Versa Lift

As my wife and I are getting up in years, it has become more difficult for us to store or retrieve bulky, heavy or awkward items from our floored attic. We first replaced the rather shaky wooden ladder, which we were concerned would give way any moment, with a sturdy aluminum ladder. It was still difficult to get large or heavy items up or down from the attic. That was when we decided we needed a better solution, and came upon an ad for Versa Lift.

We opted for the wireless remote control shown in the first picture. When not in use you can hang it on the wall. In use it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The second picture shows how unobtrusively the Versa Lift is in the stored or elevated position. It just blends into the ceiling, and is almost unnoticeable.

The third picture shows the Versa Lift platform lowered to about waist level, from which it is so convenient to load or remove items from the platform without even having to bend over.

G. Hobgood
Austin, TX


Why I Love my VersaLift

My shop ceiling is 10 feet high and I was tired of hauling boxes and equipment up the attic ladder. Then I found an ad for the Versa Lift.

Since installing it myself, I find it is so easy to move stuff up and down from the attic, that I added indoor-outdoor carpeting and extended the attic floor . Now I have the ideal way to store extra tools, work lights, repair parts, seasonal decorations, and even everyday supplies, like light bulbs.

Without the convenience of the Versa Lift, I would never have so easily stored supplies so easily and out of sight.




I assisted a contractor in installing my VersaLift last year. ( I will send in the warranty info soon and you can extend).

Here are 4 pictures of the lift installed in the hallway of my home: , of , , and . It blends in seamlessly with the ceiling and friends are surprised it’s there when I run it down. It has worked flawlessly and gave me access to a hard to reach storage area of my attic.

Feel free to use the pictures and/or my note (with first name only) on your website.

Also thx to the office people for politely explaining to my wife what the charge was for on our VISA bill. She probably thought I had purchased a new set of golf clubs…


Plano, TX


Thanks for the fast service. My contractor has the Versa Lift installed and only the finish work is left. When it is finished I’ll send you pictures. He and I worked together installing the lift. Once we had the rafter work complete it all went together without any problems and runs up and down as expected. No jams no binds the first time up and down. I am pleased with the quality of the lift and it’s ease of use.

Sincerely yours,

E. Abernethy
Oceanview, DE


I wanted to express my thanks for a very well written instruction manual for a fabulous product. The versalift instruction manual, with two small exceptions, is the most complete and well written manual that I have used. The exceptions were a bolt size, and the countersunk holes on the platform. The bolt size was a 5/8 inch length instead of the stated 7/8 inch length (there were no 7/8 inch bolts included in the packet). The platform had no countersunk holes on either side, so to find the topside, I used the decals.

Overall great instructions and so far it works like a champ. Not only do I like it, buteveryone that has seen it thinks it’s great also. A well thought out product, good job.

Chuck M
Waskom, TX

Steve: Here are the photos we promised. We are very pleased with the lift.

Thanks for your help.

R. Williams


The order arrived safely Friday afternoon. Prompt shipping, thank you! Now, let the fun begin . . .

DK Bennett
Bluffton, S.C.


I just wanted to share with you that we have had the lift installed last weekand are really happy with it.

Lou and his crew did a great job installing the lift and were wonderful to work with.


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