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Versalift 24 Garage Attic Storage Lift

4' Legs are Standard, Select Drop Down for 3'


Versalift 24 Garage Attic Storage Lift Specifications

  • 15.3 cubic foot lift platform capacity
  • 200 lb. lifting capacity
  • 22.5" x 46.5" framed opening (requires 48" headroom height x 56.5" length)
  • 20.75" x 44 lifting platform size
  • Model 24 is available in 3' or 4' heights

Power and Capacity: Versalift 24 Garage Attic Storage Lift is great way to get things into your attic with the least amount of effort and at an affordable price.  It is difficult to find storage space these days and it is expensive and very tenacious to do so.   The Model 24 is 15.5 cu. ft. and can go up to 20' floor to floor.   You can put things on the lift such as holiday decorations as well keepsakes.  The Model 24 will lift 200 lbs. and the Model 32 will accommodate 250 lbs.  

Convenience:  Versalift 24 Garage Attic Storage Lift is more convenient that building a storage shed in the back yard and many home owner associations won't let you do that.  And rental storage units are costly and can attract unwanted pests like roaches, ants, and bed bugs. 

Features:  Versa Lift exclusive features include:      

  • Auto-Stop - The lifting platform stops automatically when it reaches the full-up or full-down position which makes operation very easy.                      
  • When the lift goes up, the ceiling panel automatically closes sealing it off.          It also shuts off automatically when it arrives level with the attic. 
  • Theres no better way to store things into your attic. 




Which Size to Order

Make sure you measure from ATTIC FLOOR UPSTAIRS down to GARAGE FLOOR for correct unit height.


We can go up to 20’ in increments: 8-11’, 11-14’, 14-17’, 17-20’

Need some help?

Call us at 405-516-2412, M-F 9-5 CST.

Versalift 24 Garage Attic Storage Lift


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Power and Capacity

Versa Lift™ is a very powerful electric lift that uses a specially milled and grooved shaft connected to a 110v 5 amp motor to lift your keepsakes, decorations, and valuables into the attic or spare room of the home.  It has also been known to be installed in decks, basements, spare closets, pantries, and even bedrooms.  You can build an enclosure over the unit for outside rooftops or beach decks. It works great for lifting luggage, ice chests, and storage bins.  The Model 24 can handle two of those large Rubbermaid-type tubs and up to 200 lbs. Usually, it is not the weight but the bulk of the boxes.  The Model 24 is 15.5 cu. ft. and can go up to 20' floor to floor. 


Versa Lift™ is more convenient than a monthly rental storage facility and a lot more secure in your home attic away from floods, moisture, and unwanted insects.  All you do is push a button and those valuables you have been collecting for years go up into the attic with ease.


Scaling a shaky attic ladder is dangerous and scary.  Falling off that ladder can cause serious bodily harm and even death.  The Versalift allows you to move things into and out of the attic with the touch of a button safely and easily compared to trying to shove those things up a ladder or carry them up or down a staircase.  Protect your loved ones today by adding an attic lift and a VersaRail attic ladder safety rail.

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Which floor to floor size should I order? And why floor to floor NOT floor to ceiling?

The lift mounts on top of the Attic Floor Decking.... so simply measure from the attic floor upstairs to the garage floor downstairs. DO NOT measure floor to ceiling. Once you have your measurement, select the increment that matches your floor to floor distance. We can go up to 20’ in increments: 8-11’, 11-14’, 14-17’, 17-20’.

When the lift goes into the attic, do I have to adjust the lift so I'm not reaching down into a hole to get stuff off?

There are 4 springs up inside the lift that connect to the ceiling cover which is made of Powder Coated Steel. When the lift goes up through the framed out opening, the springs hold the ceiling cover door tight against the ceiling and the lift continues to travel until it gets flush with the floor of the attic at which time it automatically shuts itself off. You can also add insulation tape or sheets to the door ceiling cover to insulate it in the winter if desired.

What are the Framing Dimensions for each unit?

MODEL 24 = 22.5" x 46.5" Allow minimum 4' Headroom in attic x 58.5" (motor head extends out 12" past framed opening) It can be on either end...

MODEL 32 = 30.5" x 58.5" Allow minimum 5' Headroom in attic x 70" (motor head extends out 12" past framed opening) It can be on either end...

Note: Model 24 is available with 36" Legs at no additional fee with initial order. Either unit can be modified (cut down only) for additional fee $450.

Need a larger lift?

The Versalift Model 32 can hold up 35 cu. ft. with a weight capacity of 250lbs! Move your belongings into the attic faster with the Model 32!

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