Tips to help you get your garage organized!

June 19, 2015

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Tips to help you get your garage organized!


By Stacy Micka

Monday, June 19th,2015


If you’re like me, just thinking about it gives you a headache. OMG “where do I start” is always my first thought… then I close the door to save it for another day. Once you’ve decided to take on the task of cleaning it out. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Gather as many empty boxes or containers as you think you’ll need (more is better) before you get started.

2. Label your containers (Garden, pets, tools, etc.) and line them across the driveway so you can throw things into the designated labeled containers. This includes a Donation Box or 2 maybe 3. Think about having a garage sale if you have a bunch of unwanted but reusable stuff and make a little extra cash.

3. Go through all of your stuff, one thing at a time placing things into the designated marked containers. Allow yourself ONE big miscellaneous box for the things you have absolutely no idea what to do with. You’ll figure that out later. *TIP* Don’t make it too heavy because you won’t be able to move it.
Empty the garage of all of it’s contents. This is probably the most tedious part but if you can start from scratch by putting everything back in an organized way, the hard part is over.

So here’s the thing,.. some garages are a “catch-all” for everything you don’t use on a regular basis like Christmas or other holiday decorations, If these things aren’t put away in an organized manner, that priceless family heirloom could get smashed by a stray basketball or something else. Lost forever.

Are you struggling with putting things in the attic using just your run of mill attic ladder every holiday? Versalift Attic System is a life-saver/back-saver. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to check it out! It’s so easy. All you have to do is load whatever you want on the platform that sits on your garage floor and push a button that sends the Versalift to the attic. By using your trusty attic ladder to get into the attic, just unload the stuff where you want in an the attic. And you’re done!

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