Six Easy Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

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Decluttering a garage can be a hectic task as it is used for storing many things collected over the years. There are several fun and easy ways of organizing your garage. After the mess is cleared up, you will be relieved.

Keeping your budget in mind, you can creatively organize your garage. Try using wall space, leaving enough room for movement and vehicles in the garage. You can build a workbench along your garage wall to save space.

 You should check and sort out all unnecessary items you no longer need. Sort your items according to keep, donate, or throw away. You will be surprised to see how many items you thought you needed will go into the donate or throw away piles. Now, you can sort the keep items according to categories such as tools, sports goods, electrical, etc. The donate pile you can donate to a charity, give to a friend, or hold a garage sale. Whatever you decide, make sure to do it right away so that you are not continuing to clutter up your garage. Many charities will pick up your items for you. Put the trash in the garbage can right away. You do not want these items around any longer.

Knowing what you really need it is time to create a plan for the organization of the remaining items. You can buy or build shelves and drawers to store away your sports items, gardening equipment, and other items. Organization will keep your garage neat and tidy by allowing it to be a healthy and safe place. Here are ways to use up spaces, nooks, and corners of your garage to accommodate all your belongings.

Metal Cabinets

You can get compact and strong metal cabinets in the market nowadays. They can give you a lot of storage space to keep your belongings. They protect items from dust, moisture and other kinds of damage. You can get them in a variety of designs and colors to spruce up the garage.

Peg Board/ Perforated Hardboard

This board is drilled with holes evenly distanced in rows and can hold items with pegs or hooks. You can easily hang sharp instruments like gardening equipment, carpentry tools, etc.

Wall Space

One of the best ways to declutter items is to make use of the ample wall space. You can buy hook stands to hang bulky items like shovels, huge hoses, garden clippers, and the like. You can build them on your own or have them installed professionally if you wish to hang heavier items.

 Wall Shelves

There is a variety of shelves you can use. Shelving comes in many different sizes and shapes. If you are not good at carpentry work, you can buy ready-made shelving units.

 Storage Bins for the Garage

Plastic tubs that contain a tight seal will be your best friend when it comes to storing items. These boxes keep out moisture, rodents and protect your items. They are reasonable to buy, durable, and last a very long time. Transparent tubs allow you to see inside the box which is a huge time saver if you are searching for something. It is a good idea to label your tubs and shelves for further convenience.

 Attic Lift

Another great option is our various attic storage lifting systems. These allow you to store things you don’t use often in your attic. A lift allows you to further maximize your storage space, and declutter your garage for the most important items.


Keeping your garage clean and tidy is very important. It gives your mind a lot of peace when you don't see clutter all around. You can easily find things when your garage is organized. You will also have room for your vehicle, which is what the garage was designed for, giving you peace of mind that it is protected.


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